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RMJ was founded in 2018 and was created to inspire minorities. I want to inspire you to go after what you deserve. At 23, I decided to pursue purchasing my first home. During my process it took me nearly 2 years before closing on my first home. What kept me so focused was my daughter Riley Marie (RMJ). She gave me the motivation I needed to keep going and complete my goal. My process motivated me to help and inspire others just like myself.


During my home shopping process I went through 5 realtors until I found Mrs. Nancy Johnson of Columbia, SC she believed in me and helped me find my first home.  But before finding her I had endured discrimination, denials and discouragement but I was still so determined. I did extensive research and discovered over $10,000 of grant funds available to first time homebuyers. I learned how to negotiate contracts and understand the logistics of real estate. From my experience it made me want to invest and build wealth in real estate. I also had a need to share what I learned so other single mothers or minority families could have this opportunity too.  Statistics show that African Americans are the lowest percentage of homeowners. To date I now help minorities break the barriers of homeownership by providing real estate educational courses and credit building systems. I have also created a system where I am the lender and allow for my tenants to purchase the homes they rent  from me after good rental payment history. Giving them the chance to build and obtain wealth.


So many minorities biggest determents in the home buying and ownership process is the lack of understanding and knowledge. I'm going to be apart of changing that narrative. We can have all that we want. My mission is to continue to help, inspire and educate the community.

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