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Real Estate Empire Program




6 Weeks

About the Course

Did you know that 98% of billionaires own rental investments that equate to about 45% of their wealth? In 2018 we began to take on the initiative to improve the wealth gap by changing the narrative because you don't need a degree to become successful. As a REI you have the freedom to build a generational wealth plan while still having the time to live as you please. These courses are built on proven wealth building strategies that allow for you to save time making petty mistakes.

  • Each online course is designed to be as convenient as possible. There's no time limit, so students can take as much or as little time as they need to complete the course . Course assignments include everything from practical investing examples to final assessments, culminating in a certificate from the RMJ Property Group Empire Program Online upon successful completion of the course.

Your Instructor

Jhane Pearson

When purchasing her first home at the age of 23 Jhane` was discriminated against and didn't have a clue what how real estate would change her life. The challenges made her want to dive into the industry and unlock the "doors" that were being hidden from her community and individuals just like her; a young single mother confused about the worlds opportunity. Jhane' begun to educate herself on how billionaires generated wealth in real estate and decided to imitate their pathways to success. Her focus now entail on giving back to the community by education and allowing for them to learn from her mistakes so that they may achieve wealth abundance faster.

Jhane Pearson
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